VoIP Business Phone Service Installation for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls & Waterloo

If your business is looking to install a new VoIP phone system, upgrade an existing network or get service or support, you've reached the right place. TechniCom Communication Systems in Cedar Rapids serves eastern Iowa businesses with systems of all sizes. Need phone system for 5 employees? How about 500? We have decades of experience in successfully installing and servicing VoIP systems of all sizes and functions.

So what exactly is a VoIP phone system anyway?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones connect to the internet to make and receive phone calls. A small base unit links your phone to the internet. Once your system is connected, you can make and receive calls. Using a web page and login, you can customize your features, such as creating a Virtual Receptionist welcome message or adding new users.

Internet based phones versus old school land lines

The most significant differences between VoIP and landline phones are in the tech. Landline phones have not changed much since the beginning of the 20th century and require an infrastructure of wiring and exchange hardware. Landline phone technology is limited, allowing users to only make and receive voice-only calls. VoIP technology, on the other hand, has changed how businesses communicate. While IP capabilities have been around for decades, business VoIP services have advanced in recent years, due to phone innovation and faster internet speeds.Unlike landline phones that require add-ons for extra features (at an additional cost), modern business VoIP systems come with an array of popular communication features already built-in.

How does a VoIP system work?

VoIP phones (also known as Internet phones and IP phones) work by turning your voice into data known as packets. Digital voice data is then transmitted over the internet like an email. If you’ve used providers like Skype or Zoom for business calls, you’ve used VoIP. VoIP Calls are made on your phone (connected to the internet with a network cable) or via computer using an app. When you make a call, the VoIP service provider routes the voice data packets between you and the other caller—all within a split second. If your business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, Cedar Falls or Dubuque needs this service - Technicom is ready build you a custom solution.

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